What is the Empowering Women group?

Empowering Women is a Canada-wide group that brings together women employees, directors and entrepreneurs who are members and clients of Desjardins or their allies.

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Why be part of the Empowering Women community?

To take your leadership to the next level!

Be true to who you are and all the talent and skills you bring

Connect with inspiring peers for a motivation boost

Hone your skills through content and activities in line with the latest trends 

Build relationships and network through an exclusive and collaborative technological platform

Stand up and stand out with us!

2 exclusive development paths

Entrepreneur's learning path


Female Empowerment Program

For women entrepreneurs who are members and clients of Desjardins:

Whether you're self-employed or starting your own business or a manager or president of a growing SME, the Empowering Women's Entrepreneur's learning path is for you! It was created by and for women entrepreneurs. 

This learning path will guide you through 3 aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset: 

  • Seeing yourself clearly 
  • Asserting yourself to help make a difference 
  • Building reliable teams 

The learning path gives you the opportunity to pair up with other women entrepreneurs to do exercises, watch videos about recognized women leaders and help each other excel. 

This exclusive, free offer is available to women entrepreneurs who are Desjardins members and clients.


For Desjardins employees and directors:

Female Empowerment Program helps women grow more self-aware and develop their full potential at Desjardins.

This unique program gives women the opportunity to think and talk about 3 specific themes:

  • Getting to know your authentic self
  • Asserting yourself with respect
  • Caring for one another

More than 2,500 women employees and directors have taken part in the program since its launch in the fall of 2020. They have emerged from the experience feeling energized, stronger and more confident.



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